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How much should I book in advance? (S.America 2018)

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My name's Beth and I'm currently trying to book my first backpacking trip. I know for sure that I want to travel S. America for 6 months at the start of next year and would be open to staying longer provided the funds stretch.
My Plan is Brazil-Argentina-Chile-Bolivia-Perú- Colombia - The standard route (hopefully I can squeeze in Cuba too).

My question is for people who have travelled the area before, How much do you recommend I book in advance?

I'll only book accommodation for my first stay and go from there. But, with regards to travel how much of a solid plan do I need to have?

Some say just book a flight there and you'll meet people and go from there.
Where others are insistent that everything needs to be booked (or at least travel between countries) or I'll just end up spending loads of money.

Any advice in relation to travelling S.America would be hugely appreciated!


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