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Cairns to Hervey Bay

Updated 12 years, 2 months ago

Obviously I wanted to think of a witty title for this, but it's getting late and the woman in the internet cafe is giving me evils...

I think, although feel free to correct me here, that it's been about a week since I last posted. Maybe a bit longer. It's been quite hectic, however long it's been. Taking a bus from Cairns to Sydney is roughly equivalent of London to Moscow (or so I'm told by a big bearded bus driver, he may have been lying...)

Since I was last on here, we've been to Mission Beach, Magnetic Island, Airlie Beach, a place in the outback called Kroombit and now here in Hervey Bay. I've sailed in the Whitsundays, spotted Koalas up a hill, hooned around Fraser Island in a Land Cruiser, been on a high speed 'Ocean Raft', relaxed on the absolutely breathtakingly beautiful Whitehaven Beach, snorkeled a couple more times, seen dingos, a goanna, a dugong and enough bats to make the sky go black. However, I'm yet to find anywhere with a decent computer that'll let me upload photos. I'm also yet to find an internet cafe not staffed by a scaley-faced old harpy, breathing down my neck, making tutting noises and ostentatiously closing up. It says it's open til 10, is it my fault she wants to go home an hour and a half early?

Fraser Island is amazing; Hervey Bay is a bit of a hole. Still, 'tis the season to be merry, so I guess I can cut her some slack. Merry Christmas! I'm off before she stars lobbing bottles!

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