my 1st travel blog (even tho I've not actually set off yet)

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my 1st travel blog (even tho I’ve not actually set off yet)

Updated 8 years, 10 months ago

Can you actually class it as a travel blog, if you haven't even left yet??

I'm slowly on my way to getting the finances. Currently have about £700 saved, but still got couple of months to save. yeah, by the way thats wages only. I've yet to sell the car (hopefully near enough 5k, but credit crunch and all that, you just don't know). By way, if anyone wants a car, I'm here. Although if you're planning on going travelling, hardly gonna be booking a place for a Peugeot 207 too.

Mmmm, i'm babbling.

Off to see my friend tomorrow night to talk travel plans, so will either be going with her or going it alone. Kinda depends on where we both wanna go.
From there, its plan, plan, plan.

Happy Travels

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