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Still planning

Updated 10 years, 10 months ago

I made the mistake of going to Oxford Street today. Too many people :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
Bought a cool spring jacket in New Look, bargain :D . Will be very nice for Ljubljana :D
Still debating Cuba. Read LP guide, does not help. Hmmm :?
I would really love to talk to anyone who has been :) if anyone actually reads this, no comments yet :cry:
I am feeling a week is not long enough...wondering whether to go for 2?
I want to start in Havana obviously, and spend a bit of beach time (but only a couple of days, I can't do beaches for any longer). Also want to do Trinidad, and there is a beach resort not far from there I think, and it's only 6 hours (I think??) from Havana. Baracoa appeals but is very far from Hav, prob not doable in a week or 2, pointless to spend 24 hours travelling (there and back)...unless I can get open jaw flights, but maybe more exp?
:? :evil:
Can anyone reccommend a beach in Cuba, not too far from Havana, preferably not too tacky and package-touristy, cheap, and unspoilt??
Also read about a spa town :D and lots of places sound cool... :? :x so hard! Need a month at least!! But bank manager would not appreciate that :wink:

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