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Updated 10 years, 8 months ago

Whoo...yay! Off on mini-break to Zadar in Croatia next weekend :D - this time next week I'll be, um, probably frantically shoving last-minute things into my bag :oops: :lol: Flying from Stansted at 5 pm, so won't need to leave early.
Flight was of 1p variety, well actually £50 by the time R*&nAir - who I vowed never to use, but :oops: anyway...hotel is cheap as and bet food is cheap. It's a little seaside town. A few days of sun, cheap food and wine...sleep...aaaaaahhh. Can't wait.
Small detail of project to be written up by then :roll: have only 41 people, which is fairly crap... :cry:
Loving weather in Zadar. Not ONE day has not been sunny since checking weather obsessively for past 2 weeks, well, alright, apparently it will be cloudy on Wednesday. Hope it doesn't last. When sunny temp is 25-27, perfect :D
Better go do that work then! 8O

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