Getting the most out of your overland trip

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Getting the most out of your overland trip

Updated 9 years, 10 months ago

Travelling with a reliable company and having a great crew and truck go a long way to ensuring you have a fantastic overland trip. However, there’s stuff you can do yourself to help you have an even more awesome time on the road – here’s a few tips!

Meeting local people
If your only companions at the campsite are other overlanders and backpackers, why not take a stroll to the local village or town and meet some of the people whose country you’re travelling in. You’ll find most folks are only too happy to talk about their lives and their families and you’ll feel you’ve gained a deeper insight into the place. The local market or watering hole are great places for this! Chances are, you’ll meet some fantastic people that will broaden your mind and provide you with some of the best memories of your trip.

And what about your fellow travellers?...
Getting on with everyone on the truck is probably what worries most prospective overlanders. As most post-trip overlanders will tell you, far from not getting on with anyone, you are more likely to make friends for life! However, with roughly 20 of you travelling together for anything from 2 weeks to 6 months or more, it’s good to be considerate of your trucking pals during your trip. It’s also important that everyone mucks in with the chores – shopping, cooking, looking for and chopping firewood, cleaning the truck and digging it out of the mud or sand – these are not only jobs that need to be done but are also an integral part of your trip that will result in some great experiences and maybe some skills you never knew you had. Your mates at home will be impressed when you build a fire and cook up egg flamenco on your next camping trip!

Go with the flow
Most overland trips travel through countries that are less developed and with different standards to those we are used to. Roads can be rough, toilets non-flushing, border crossings can take hours. The campsite shower may not work, the internet connection could drop half way through your email and maybe there are no eggs in the shop for your egg flamenco. However, there is nearly always a cold beer nearby and let’s face it, at least you didn’t have to get up and go to work this morning. Try leaving your western standards at home, kick back and absorb the culture of whatever far flung corner of the globe you are in.


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