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Snorkelling and Beach Life in Indonesia

Updated 3 years, 3 months ago

Yesterday we went on a snorkelling trip. The boat anchored off-shore of all three islands. The coral off the coast of Gili T was fairly bleached out, but the other two islands had very beautiful and colourful coral. We also got to see 6 turtles, an eel, an octopus, a blow-fish which our guide picked up and handed to me while we were under water (it felt really neat in my hands), a medium sized clam, and some “nemos” swimming in their anemone. At the third and smallest of the islands, Gili Air, we got to walk around and have lunch on land. We walked around the island with two guys from Cezch Republic who told us about Mt. Rinjani, so we’re going to do that tomorrow.

Last night Stacey and I walked up the hill on Gili T and watched the sunset. The sunsets here are really cool because the sun sets alongside the large volcano in Bali, Gunung Agung. Both nights in Gili we ate a delicious dinner from the food vendors that set up every night in the centre of town. Gili T is well known for its late night party scene, but Stacey and I were too exhausted at the end of each day to go out partying, which is just as well as the drinks at bars are not nearly as cheap as everything else.

Today we’ve just been chilling out on the beach. I love the relaxed vibe here, and being so close to the water. Makes me really happy.

Peace Out. x

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