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One month till take off!!

Updated 9 years, 10 months ago

I thought now is as good of time as ever to update this thing so here goes.

Well since my last post I managed to get an extention to my contract at work - so I now have 14 more working days there and finish on the 31st but used all my holidays to shorten it to the 20th, and to be honest, like most, I have had a bloody 'nough and cant wait to finish - Although they have been pretty good to me since I've been there, being ill quite a bit :roll: and them still extending my contact - so im grateful for that.

Still loving my job at the pub - so i'll miss that a bit more as I actually enjoy it -hopefully get a similar job out in Oz.

Bought my Rucksack from Millets the other day - had a little practise pack to check everything would fit - seemed good enough size.

Managed to have a Hepatitis A + Typhoid combination aswell as two Hepatitus B injections so far - all free on the NHS which is always good. I have to have one more Hepatitus B before I go. Then just need my Rabies jab which I will get out in Oz if I think I need it.

Well the savings going alright at the moment - still hoping to hit the £5000 mark to take with me. Paid off our tickets entirely now - recieved the confirmation email which makes everything feel just that more real. We've booked our first few nights accomodation in NYC at Jazz on the park aswell as our train tickets from Newtown, Midwales to London for only £12 quid.

I set up a flex account at nationwide so as I get free withdrawalls abroad - also managed to get a £500 overdraft and £1350 credit card for emergencys.

So now I am completely on track - just watching the days and weeks fly past as they have been since I booked it 3 whole months ago which seems like yesterday now. Hopefully I will have more exciting things to say once I left and not feeling depressed about another week of work that is ahead of me.

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