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The Coffee in New Malden

Updated 3 years, 1 month ago

Ever wondered where the coffee in New Malden comes from?

I'm sat blogging in a coffee shop in New Malden right now. This Place to be precise.
"Hello there" says a customer politely, before asking "where is your coffee from?"

"All over the world" the Korean barista succinctly replies.

The gentleman, sounding slightly more English, follows up: "and where is today's coffee from?"

Looking confused, the barista turns to confer with his colleague, whispering a few words in Korean, before turning back to reply with one word: "Monmouth" he says, with a cheery smile. "And where is that?"

"It's a country!" says the barista confidently.

"No, it most certainly is not!" declares the gentleman, slightly raising his voice, and enunciating each syllable like a veteran BBC radio broadcaster. "I'll have you know that Monmouth is a small town in the heart of the Wye Valley, in Southeast Wales, though I sincerely doubt that is where this coffee comes from!"

Awkward laughing.

Then utter silence.

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