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    Unfortunately I’m not going to have much time in Reykjavik at all, as I’m mostly there for the scenery and I’ll be staying elsewhere. Is there anything I absolutely HAVE to see while I’m in the city?

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    I honestly think I like bad-good movies more than actually good movies.
    The best I’ve ever seen is:
    The Ultimate Weapon (1998)

    Plot: When mercenary “Hardball” Cutter discovers that the team he is working with is actually a group of IRA gunrunners, he decides to put a stop to their plans. Furious with Cutter, the gunrunners target him, his partner, and his family.
    It has everything a bad-good movie needs: AWFUL acting, terrible dialogue, a story that makes no sense, laughable action, American actors trying to do Irish accents, obvious stunt doubles, props that break and bend… it’s magnificent.
    To be honest, Hulk Hogan’s entire filmography is a treasure trove.

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    It really depends on the airport for me. Some are pretty well-equipped and are okay to wander around for a while (usually ones with plenty of things to eat), and others just feel like interminable soul-sucking hallways where even half an hour is too long to wait. Obviously you can’t always know which variety you’re going to get, but once I’m familiar with an airport I’ll adjust my leaving time accordingly.

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    How worthwhile is a visit to Australia if you can’t drive? It’s somewhere I’d love to go, but if I wanted to travel around I get the impression not being to do so under my own steam would be quite a pain.

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    There’s a penis museum in Reykjavik, eh? I’m going there next month and nothing I’ve read has mentioned that.
    *adds it to list*
    *moves it to top of list*

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