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The Beginning!

Updated 6 years, 11 months ago

So this is my first blog, right at the very beginning. I doubt I will even remember to post another one for a while, but that is ok as I doubt anyone will read this! Especially as i currently have... about.. ZERO friends on here :D So to start... I am 24, living and working in England, getting married in the summer and I live with my fiance Rich, my dog Dexter, and my Dad is also currently renting a room from us. My only traveling experience was 2 months in Australia, when I was 19. I went with Trek Australia, did the 42day 'Big Trek', and then spent 2 weeks in Sydney. It was amazing, and I went all over, apart from Western Australia. Surfing, sky diving, white water rafting, bush tucker trailing, chilling. Ever since I have known that I want to travel, but as with many people, life got in the way!! I have been with Rich for almost 3 years. He is amazing and whilst he doesn't share my 'travel bug' (he would like to travel.. but not in the same way! His way would involve hotels and sightseeing tours!), he completely understands that it is what I need to do. He will miss me very much and I will him, and whilst some people may see it as strange that I would leave my husband behind to travel the world, we are cool with it and I love him and I am very grateful to him! My best friend since school, Annlouise, also has this 'travel bug'. We initially intended to go to Australia (she has never been before), along with her boyfriend. However I followed a link from my GY newsletter, and stumbled across someone talking about doing an expedition to Venezuela, learning Spanish, volunteering, traveling and having a lot of fun! So i looked up the company, Yomps, and i fell in love with the Venezuelan 6 Month Explorer. Take a look I sent the link to Annlouise on good old FB and she seems to like it too! I am still looking around at other companies and other expeditions. So if anyone has any recommendations or tips, please let me know. 8) So i am currently in the planning stage. I am not really even in the saving stage - but i will be after my wedding in August. This is literally The Beginning!

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