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It begins….

Updated 10 years, 9 months ago

Hi everyone!

We arrived here at our hostel in Cape Town at about 6 last night, after a very long journey! The hostel is much nicer than I thought, our room is nice with cute little bunk beds. We were so tired last night we ordered a pizza to the hostel (Lori you were right, maybe I wont lose weight!) and while we were eating some English girls asked if we'd like to go to a bar with them. We were so tired, but, not wanting to be unsociable we agreed. It turnedout the bar was more of a club and as not allof us are over 20, we couldnt get in. So we went to a different bar for a few drinks and games of pool, and got a fairy early night.

Today we slept in til 12 to catch up on the nights sleep we lost and decided to walk down to beach. However, we walked totally the wrong way down the coast and ended up at the harbour, and rocks, not sand. After me and Clare saying owwwwwwwwww but its so sunnyyyyy quite a few times, we decided to give up on the beach and head into the city. There we had a browse around and then found a lovely big park and sunbathed and read our leaflets on tours day trips etc for a bit. Then a man came over demanding to know why England is 1st world and Africa is 3rd world so we decided it was time to politely make our excuses and leave, as certainly, we dont know the answer to that!

On the way back we stopped at a shop and bought some food to cook back at the hostel. It is so much cheaper than we expected here, we bought pasta, fruit and veg, cakes, juice, and other stuff and it was about 1 pound each! Clare also persuaded us to buy some Ostrich which was kind of dried, like beef jerky, and it was HORRID!

We are planning to make our way east, along whats called the garen route, to some cool caves, nice beaches etc, and maybe to cuddle a maybe cheetah or 2! Were just working out the best way transport wise, as the hop-on hop-off bus is quite expensive per day.

Look how much ive writted for one day hahaha I bet no-one is going to keep reading this! Anyway, missing everyone at home and will update you all soon!

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