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11 days

Updated 9 years, 2 months ago

I have got 11 days to go!!
............ and have got Impetigo on my dammin face!!!!
Grrr. I went to the doctors today and asked about the wierd thing on my eyebrow, and he thinks it's impetigo, something like as a child you get chickenpox, so when you are older you dont get it again..I guess I never had it as a child and so i suffer now...12 days before I go, 10 days before the Masqerade ball! argh.

I have still got to sell my car.. £900 i've dropped it to, and I put little posters up in all the shops and cafe's that would take it. I just want peace of mind that I have that money before I go. Nuts crossed everyone.

I have cleared out more of my bedroom.. the girls came ound and ransacked my wardrobe and little trinkets I'd collected over the years. They all gave a donation bless them, to help with my adventures. The rest is slowly heading to Charity shops.

I saw my Dad for the last time on Sunday, my sister, bless her heart drove us up to Hereford in the heaving rain. He bought us an Indian and I gave him the mere 2 boxes I had whittled my life of 'keeps' into. I don't know if was trying not be annoying with the ''take care, and don't talk to strangers' bit, but calmly joted down the list of the places I plan to visit and how long I plan to stay there. I gave as much as I plan so far, but he knows that could change at any moment.

I have all my cash cards sorted now - just need to do a bit of moving about so I can access it all over there.

Dad gave me my travel insurance bless him - what a help, and has sent me a travel towel and some malaria tablets in the post.

I've been getting Birthday cards with birthday money in... I am so lucky. They are all soo kind. It's hard to tell them they can't buy me a present, cos I dont want to sound ungrateful. Bless.They sent the best present tho for this year, so each time I ride an elephant, or pay to do an Urangutan trip in the jungle, I can thank them for being able to do it.

I am getting my hair done tomorrow. Having the black taken out of it, so Im summering blonde for my trip and a good cut cos I dunno how dodgy the salons are out there yet!

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