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Planning my big adventure

Updated 10 years, 1 Month ago

It's taken me loads of time and thought to actually finalise what I want to do and where I want to go once I've got enough cash. I sat down at the beginning of my gap year and wrote out what I wanted to achieve before going to uni:

1. To become a happier, more confident person :)
2. To volunteer with disadvantaged communities - I genuinely wanted a chance to help those less fortunate than myself
3. To improve my languages, since I wouldn't be studying them at uni anymore
4. To travel to a country or continent where the way of life is totally different from in Britain - no offence to anyone who likes living here, but I think our outlook on life is totally wrong sometimes and I feel like I belong somewhere else :?

After a lot of researching, I’ve decided to go to South America during my gap year. :D Its countries completely fascinate me, from their gregarious people to their vibrant cultures to their breathtaking landscapes, and I think I’ll be able to accomplish my main aims for the year in this continent.

A very brief version of my itinerary is looking like this…

Mon 28 Apr – Fri 30 May: Studying Spanish in Buenos Aires and volunteering with LIFE Argentina, a charity which helps to alleviate poverty amongst the children of Buenos Aires :)
Fri 30 May – Sun 20 Jul: Overlanding through Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru with GAP Adventures :D

For a much more detailed account of what I'll be up to in South America, feel free to visit if you're interested! Of course, I'll be posting loads of stuff on too.

My flights are booked, my arm has mutilated into a pincushion with all the jabs I've had, my brain is buzzing with information I've read about the countries I'm going to visit, and my determination is at an all-time high. Omg, I'm sooo excited!! :D

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