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Prices of things in Thailand

Updated 3 years, 5 months ago

Thought it might help you guys to know the prices of some stuff if you're planning a trip out here and want to know how much things are. I actually can't get over it so I need to share with you...

• Amazingly delicious Thick Prawn Red Curry with Steamed Rice 90Bhatt (1.50)
• Huge pack of walkers crisps, can of Real Coke, Pack of 3 Oreos 25 Bhatt (39p)
• Hair Cut Skin Head 30 Bhatt (46p)
• Room 1 Night with hot shower view of hill tribe huts, next to river 300 bhatt (4.68)
• Cool T-shirts 200 Bhatt (3.12)
• Sangsom Bucket (Thai Rum 500ml 10x Strength Red Bull Coke) 200 Bhatt (3.12)
• 2 day trek, jungle, rafting, elephant, waterfall, 1 nights accom all food (28.00)

Bloody brilliant!

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