Friday 23rd February 2007

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Friday 23rd February 2007

Updated 10 years, 10 months ago

Went down to the beach in the morning and when I got back to the hostel I realised I had lost my room key (there goes my $30 deposit) reception was closed until 5pm so I was locked out...bad thing was I was supposed to be meeting Nick (jambo mate) in sydney at 5pm...So I kept checking my room to see if anyone was in but had to wait until 4pm to get access, got quickly changed and showered and headed into Sydney and met Nick at the Criterion. Was good to get some scottish football chat on the go, met a few of Nicks mates and went to the Art House which reminded me of the Standing Order in Edinburgh but a bit warmer and with music...from then we went onto the Burdekin and from there it all goes blank...I remember ending up at Kings Cross and somehow finding the proper bus stop to get my bus back to coogee bay...I got on that and crashed out...luckily for me Coogee is the last stop and the driver had to give me a nudge to wake me up...all in was a good day :lol:

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