Monday 12th February 2007

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Monday 12th February 2007

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Up early at 5.30am as all the boys had booked an abseiling/canyoning day at the blue mountains, got the bus into sydney and then a 2 hour train journey into Katoomba, the company we went with was called High N Wild and because it had been pouring with rain ever since we got on the train it was decided that the abseiling down the blue mountains would be too dangerous, so we were taken to a place that was a 40 minute drive from there, where we were told it wouldn't be raining 8O ...but when we got there...yup it was still raining, however by the end of the day turns out we were glad off the rain as it just made the scenery and especially the canyoning all the better..start of the day we abseiled down 2 smaller walls before getting a bite to eat and then abseiling down the monster cliff...the adrenalin was pumping and when you were hanging over the edge it was squeeky bum time....but the buzz you got at the bottom afterwards was amazing...we then went canyoning through a canyon called Dargon through the streams some of which were only up to your knees, other you had to swim in...was a brilliant experience and one I would thoroughly recommend. A brilliant boys day out, but girls do it as well according to our guide...after the canyoning we were taken too a rockpool where we could jump off the cliff into the water...a few beelyflops later we headed back all more than content with the day and we headed out for a few jars when back in coogee

Pics below

The monster cliff we abseiled down (35 feet we were told) seemed more like 350 to me :wink:

The boys

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