Monday 29th January 2007

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Monday 29th January 2007

Updated 10 years, 11 months ago

Well after an exhausting 2 days travelling from Edinburgh - Heathrow - San Fransisco - Los Angeles - Sydney....I finally made it to Sydney, but without my case...talka bout a gut feeling but I just knew something would go wrong. Turns out my case wasn't put on the plane in Los Angeles and I am now in Sydney with only my backpack and 1 change of clothes. I got picked up from the airport by Michael from OzIntro and was driven to Surfside Backpackers hostel in Coogee Bay which is lovely. I went out and got myself some toiletries and met the rest of my group that I will be spending the next week with. We took the bus out to Sydney and had a walk through the parks and checked out the Opera House and all the famous Sydney landmarks before gettin on a boat and going for a cruise around the harbour, we then returned for a drink and headed back to the hostel before heading out for the night with me feeling just a tad funky and lost without my case :(

The View from the hostel room balcony...not too shabby is it :wink:

The 29th Jan OzIntro group 1st day pics

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