Saturday 3rd February 2007

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Saturday 3rd February 2007

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After the excitement of the Blue mountains we then took off to Bondi Beach, weather was lovely and the beach despite what we heard wasnt that packed. We got a frisbee and football to lark about with and we then went into the Bondi Surf. None of us were surfing but the Surf there was unbelievably strong...I got wiped out just walking into the water and the undercurrent was so strong...after a few minutes the group of us that went in found ourselfs well away from where the rest of our group and our towels were. The waves were crashing down on us so we thought we'd better head back to the safety of the sand. We lay on Bondi beach for a while and then took a walk which takes about an hour and a half back to coogee beach and our hostel. The walk along the coast of Bondi Beach to Coogee has to be done, some beautiful picture opportunities. Halfway into our walk back we stopped off for a barbecue which Michael had been setting up...this was well needed after our walk, and after the barbecue we continued our walk to an area where we were allowed to put on snorkels and flippers and go snorkelling for about an hour which was good fun as well. We then got the minibus back to the hostel and went out on the Pub crawl at night, starting off at the palace and going to 4 other pubs in get on and off the bus after each pub and as you can imagine the volume gets louder each time...but all a good laugh...ended up pretty smashed by the end of the night :)

Bondi Beach pics

The Ozintro group from left to right...Me, Dave, James, Steve, Hayley, Tony, Steph (dark hair), Charlotte, Kurt, Paul, Michelle, Lee

Pub Crawl pics

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