Wednesday 28th February 2007

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Wednesday 28th February 2007

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Weather was lovely this morning so decided to take the coastal walk which takes about an hour and a half to Bondi Beach...walked along the coast to Bondi and put my towel down...must have been there for about half an hour when I heard thunder...then I seen lightning....OH NAWWWWWWWW it started raining so I packed up my stuff and took myself up to Bondi shops where I purchased a smart pair of sunglasses and I was going to take the bus back to Coogee...but I thought I'd save my $4 and walk back along the coast in the rain....was actually quite nice and I ended up in a pool by the sea swimming in the rain...the lighning was still going on and you ain't seen lightning until you have been to Australia...crazy man...walked back to Coogee and a lot of the boys in the room had been bevvying most of the afternoon and playing cards, so chatted to them for a bit before heading out for some dinner and planned on having another quiet night in at the hostel as Dave, Jamie and 3 best friends here at the moment are all working. When I came back from dinner I went up to the lounge area and the Hostel had got 3 boxes of wine for all the people staying there, so I had a few glasses and Jamie came back from work, so we decided to go to the Coogee Bay Hotel for a few drinks.

Pics from my walk along to Bondi Beach

This made me laugh...small minds and all that :lol:

More coastal pics

Bondi in the background

Here comes the rain :cry:

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