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Day 40

Updated 10 years, 10 months ago

Woke up this mornng at the back of 10 to someone banging on the I leapt out of my bed incase it was someone playing funny buggers and answered the door before they had a chance to run...turns out it was the woman landlord of the guest house asking if we heard anything last we told her what we heard and seen the front door which someone had been trying to kick in from the outside...door is wrecked and she was going on about how it will cost her $500 to replace and how she was reporting it to the police. She acknowledged that it was nothing to do with me or dave but said she was reporting it to the police so if they want our version of the story then they are more than welcome to ask. A few other people in the hostel who heard the banging said they heard an Irish accent from the person trying to get in...but as I said we know nothing more about the incident. I sneaked into backpackers hostel to use their iron and iron my clothes for tonight and the weekend. Went out to meet Nick (Jambo) and his workmates at the coronation..met up with steve (another Jambo) and went on to the Art House where I met Heather from Gap Year (hi heather if your reading this) before me Nick and Steve ended up in a club called GAB which was full of Oriental people..was a good night though and ended up pretty smashed, got bus home and got myself a Garlos chilli and beef pie :D

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