Day 45

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Day 45

Updated 10 years, 10 months ago

Went down to beach in the morning and sat in the sun for a few hours, last day at Woolcott, said my goodbyes and went to Minus 5 Ice bar....cost me $30 to get in and was surprised at how small it was but the ice sculptures are brilliant..was only me and 2 girls who turned out to be from Edinburgh as well 8O when we first went in and we were told no cameras were allowed in....but 10 minutes later 4 or 5 other people came in and they were snapping away happy as larry so I got a few decent video clips on my phone as the official photo which cost $20...I thought would be 3 different photos but its 1 big copy and 2 postcard stle copies of the saem bus home and some chicken wings and watched Prison Break and 24.

Last day at Woolcott

My attempt at taking a picture of my Minus 5 picture

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