Day 52

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Day 52

Updated 10 years, 9 months ago

Went down to man made beach with Harley and finished my book, stayed out sunbathing until abou 2pm and then we decided to head to the Plough Inn for a few jugs of beer...ended up semi drunk and went back to backpackers where we played pool and I got my ass kicked 4-1 :( Went upstairs for a quick change and met up with new roomate, harley and joe went to a bar to meet one of Harleys mates Brock who is the whitest aboriginie I have ever seen...but turned out to be a good bloke, I asked him if he liked football and he said he supported Ac Milan, Barcelona, Juventus etc...all footballing I managed to convince him to include Hearts in his list of teams and if he is ever asked in the future who he supports to drop Hearts in amongst the list of names :D Got a slice of pizza and headed off home.

Our hostel room in Brisbane, my beds the bottom one in the 1st pic

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