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Day 70

Updated 10 years, 9 months ago

Woke up early and was pretty shattered most of the day, just didnt fancy doing anything at all, met Dee and Jenna and was talked into going to Dees aunties which was about a 10 minute drive, met Dees aunt who was very nice and one of her neighbours came round and started talking to us...or ME to be precise...this woman must have been in her late 50's but I reckon she took a shine to me, she had her curlers in and reminded me of Mrs Mangel from Neighbours in the 90's...I got asked loads of questions and had to listen to her talk about her husband/relatives basically her life all ended with her inviting me to stay if I wanted or had any problems at the hostel...I politely declined but thanked her anyway...whilst Dee, her aunt and Jenna struggled to contain their laughter...and then they had to laugh when one of the springs from her curlers popped out :D so I made another dee and Jenna decided to drive back to the hostel and chill out there, watched the grudge and Dee and Jenna went back to her aunts...started watching Dead on arrival but fell asleep half way through it in the tv room and went to bed

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