Day 95

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Day 95

Updated 10 years, 8 months ago

Pretty relaxed last sunday, just done a bit of washing and played Jono at fifa, I beat him 5-2 overall in games, been working every day since then and watched various programmes and films such as south park, whose line is it anyway, braveheart (AGAIN) :) Saw 3 (AGAIN) but it was funny this time as we were in the room with lots of girls who didnt know what to expect and they screamed every 5 mins :D too be fair the film is very gory, american pie the wedding, little nicky and hostel which like saw is very gory and actually casued about 8 people to get up and walk out after the 1st gory bit..which I knew was coming as I'd seen it before...yesterday was Dereks last day but he'll be back in 10 we had a few fairwell drinks...any excuse, he showed me his dvd from his skydive and I am 95% certain I am going to attempt it as it looks amazing and also the white water rafting..this is at mission beach so will look into getting that booked, had a few jugs at the hostel, then me derek, lorenz, emma, kate and lorna went to federal where we all got a bottle of passion pop each and met Lorenz brother was pretty quiet but a decent night non the less...that is all I remember but when I got home from work today my romm mates Lorna and Kate said that I bought 2 jugs of bundy rum and we all went to the tv room to watch Omen...I allegedly drunk half a jug then went to bed and the rest of them all crashed out in the tv room :D When I got up for work this morning I seen derek and he was still steaming and drinking the same jug of rum I had bought for everyone.....(damn it, thats $22 down the drain) lol, but its ok cause was a good night and everyone now owes me a drink :o) was corys last day at the farm today and I told Gianni I plan to finish up a week on Monday.

Me working on the farm punching the holes into the pipes

After work chilling out with a beer as always from left to right, me, brian, gianni, cory and xena the dog

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