Day 97

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Day 97

Updated 10 years, 8 months ago

Had the day off work, so decided to do a bit of sunbathing by the pool as not done any since Brisbane, sat and read both my planet hearts mags that were sent to me and chilled out then a water balloon fight started and everyone sunbathing was getting hit with water balloons so stopped sunbathing and sat with Jono, Joose and Lorna and got a jug of beer...we decided to go over to the park as the water balloon fight had turned into a war with hoses, buckets of water etc being used...everyone was soaked but it was a good, Liam, Lorenz, Jono, Kate and Lorna went and got a bottle of passion pop and sat in the park drinking it...we then went back to the hostel and got jugs of beer, Dee came up from Brisbane and chummed a few of us back over to federal where it was quieter than the night before but still good, went back to cellblock and the tv room which was mobbed with drunks and got to bed pretty late on.

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