Day 117

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Day 117

Updated 10 years, 7 months ago

Went on trip to whit sundays at 9.30 am, was on a fast kind of speed boat which was designed to carry 40 passengers but only 14 of us were on it, done a bit of snorkelling and went to whitehaven beach which was lovely, got home at 5.00pm...met up with the prawn lads and went round to their room with a carry out, played some messy drinking games and went out on the lash, must have been really hammered as woke up at 6am on the bathroom cabinet in my boxers :lol: not having a clue how I got there

Whitehaven Beach

Arron and Karl (otherwise known as wobblehead)

Rianna, Adam (known as smallhead) and Ash (known as phil neville)

Ben (known as Ian Dowie) and Ash doing the RAF song

All the boys

Arron spilt his pint so drunk it off the table

In beaches

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