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Day 127

Updated 10 years, 8 months ago

Woke up this morning and the sky was overcast which was a bit disheartening, sat and read my book and then at 1pm when my skydive was scheduled for I went to reception and was told it was on :D drove out to Tully with 2 girls and 2 blokes and paid for the dive, the 2 blokes went first and me and the girls were left to sit and stew watching skydives and base jumps on tv...eventuallly it was our turn and we got kitted out and given our introductory safety checks...we got in the plane and I found out I was the first one out, by now it was starting to hit home what I was going to tandem jumper Dan asked me at one point what height he thought we were at as I stared out the window I guessed 7000 feet...not even close 2000 was the answer....DOH...this height was high enough as far as I was concerned...eventually we reached the height and the door opened...the cold and noise hit me like a truck and I was put on the edge and before I knew it I was heading head first for the ground but the feeling was undescribable...once you jump there is no fear its just WWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH and screaming and laughing....we freefell for 60 seconds to 5000 feet and then the parachute opened and we were jolted upwards and left to glide over mission beach sampling the views. We landed fine and I got a lift back to the hostel...I was absolutely buzzing and took a walk to the supermarket well chuffed with night I spoke to my roommates about it and at night watched war of the worlds.

Skydive Pics

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