Day 131

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Day 131

Updated 10 years, 8 months ago

Went down to the lagoon again and arranged to meet Ben in PJs at back of 7, got changed and was considering moving from Bohemia central, out of the 6 beds I had only seen 1 guy during my time there and despite trying to start a conversation with him it was like pulling teeth and the room was pretty small and then I realised my Calvin Klein aftershave had been stolen from my room and that was the final straw...I'm not overly fussed about it but considering I had got through nearly 5 months so far with no problems with roommates I suppose it was inevitable something like that would happen...still at least it wasnt my phone etc...met Ben and he brought a guy called Lee (chelsea fan) so got a good blether with them, James turned up later on...went over to the woolshed and met up with Adam, Stacy and Howard, beat Lee at pool and ended up going back over to PJ's were I met Katrina from Inverness and another scots girl who had been on Bens boat trip at the whit sundays, got the chat with them and stayed until the end of the night AGAIN

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