Day 135

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Day 135

Updated 10 years, 7 months ago

Went to shopping centre and posted Liannes birthday card and traded my Irvine Welsh book into book shop for $4, went down to the lagoon and decided to get a pizza for tea, on tuesdays there is a pizza shop called easy boys which does $5 large pizzas so checked internet and found there was one in cairns so using my street map I decided to go and find it thinking it was a 20 minute walk max WRONG...turned out to be a freaking hours walk along busy roads etc and what looked like industrial estates, time I got there I wasnt even hungry anymore and the only pizzas they had were the supreme which have pineapple and olives on them (which I dont like) so grudgingly I took it and walked back eating it but picking out the pineapples and just persevering with the olives, got back to hostel and watched simpsons, NCIS and NUMBERS with Lucy, but felt shattered and went to bed about 11.00

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