Day 138

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Day 138

Updated 10 years, 7 months ago

Went down to the lagoon, watched neighbours and some of australian big brother, went down to the lagoon at night with Jono and Lorenz and Adam and had 2 bottles of passion pop, went to pjs and met up with james and stacy...walked home in the pouring home with a hammered jono who kept falling and dropping his pizza...and he still ate it, then he sat in a puddle ... all good fun :D

Drinking Passion pop at the lagoon...Jono doing his meerkat impression

In PJS, Jono Adam and Stacy...Bundaberg reunion :D

Stacy and James

Adam and Jono

Stacy and Me

Aw Nawwwwww...although Jono looks pleased about it

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