Day 139

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Day 139

Updated 10 years, 7 months ago

Weathers not been the best over the past few days so hope the sun comes out again soon or my tan will start to fade before I head home :( went down to the lagoon with Jono and Lorenz but it was too cold so ended up going a walk along the esplanade and watched hundreds of mud crabs before going online for a few hours and caught up on my emails and whats happening with the football. Paul who I had given advice to online on one of the travellers sites I joined before I came to Australia moved up to cairns and through pure coincedence he is one of my new roomates, so chatted to him and he kept thanking me for all my advice which was good of him, watched starsky and hutch and headed out to PJs to watch the South Africa - Australia tri nations rugby match, got talking to a Aussie bloke called Bjorn whilst watching the game and then the coyote ugly dancers came on which made almost every bloke in the pub turn their attention from the rugby haha :D

mud crabs

Coyote Ugly dancers 8O

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