Day 147

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Day 147

Updated 10 years, 6 months ago

Went to Cairns shopping centre on Friday and got all my presents so thats that out the way, never went out at night watched the Australian big brother which is quite good as every friday the contestants do a kind of Its a knockout style games, watched that and some programmes on the animal planet show, spoke to Paul for a bit as he was leaving on the saturday morning, saturday was a really nice day :D went down to the lagoon and got more sun than I thought as my face ended up pretty red through the sun, went out at night with Jono and Paul down to the lagoon and then me and Paul went up to PJs to watch the South Africa - New Zealand rugby match, sunday morning me Jono and Lorenz went to the casino which was showing the Ricky Hatton - Jose Castillo fight, watched Ricky win in the 4th round and then I went down to the lagoon to lie in the sun again, this time with my hat to protect my face, watched Oz big brother and some animal program about crabs at night.

Paul got up to dance with the Coyote Ugly girls but never got past the 1st round :)

Me and Jono...check my sunburnt dish

Jono and Paul

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