Day 153

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Day 153

Updated 10 years, 6 months ago

Got up too late for breakfast so went a walk into sydney, say by Mrs Macquarries chair overlooking the sydney opera house and bridge and read my book, went for a walk into the city and got back to hostel about back of 5 to find that I was now the only occupant in my room...7 empty beds and me :) went for a shower and then to the art house to meet up with Nick, steve and Boycie all Jambos living in sydney, its the end of the tax year here and a lot of people have been working 12 hour shifts, this was the reason for the place being dead, we went into a few bars but everyone was quiet, stayed out until about 12ish and got a burger king and headed back to the hostel

Hearts Pub...or close enough :lol:

Some Cockatiels in the Sydney Botanic Gardens...noisy gets

Boycie Steve and Nick

Me Nick and Steve...I think we were singing Hearts songs at this point

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