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Updated 8 years, 8 months ago

The next day when we woke Brendan and Donna had left so it was just Kevin, Kath and us left. We were so hung-over (except for Joe) so went off to Hungry Jacks to get some greasy food to try and make us feel better. After eating we all wished we hadn’t! Emma vowed (once again) never to drink again!
We sat at Kev’s for a bit watching Scrubs and a movie. After this we decided to head back to Kath’s house with a stop-off at Donna’s on route to give Ethan back his glasses and phone which he’d left at Kevin’s. Ethan was so sweet when we got there, he swung he’s arms around Emma saying ‘hi cousin Emma’ then he slung his arms around Joe and said ‘hi cousin Emma’s boyfriend’ :lol: so sweet.
When we got back to Kath’s we were all pretty exhausted and Emma went for a nap. After hours of sitting around watching TV we were all starving and began making a spaghetti Bolognese which was just what we needed. It was getting late and Kath had work the next day so we all settled down to bed.

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