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Updated 8 years, 8 months ago

Today we don’t have many plans except to go and look at a car on the other side of town. Kath’s lent us her car for a few days so we can go out and look for our own. When we got out to the car we noticed that Kath’s tyre was flat, she did have a decent spare but didn’t have a spanner to undo the bolts. A neighbour turned up and came to our aid with a spanner and also helped Joe to change it.
We were ready to get on our way, Emma was absolutely terrified about driving Kath’s car, firstly because it’s an automatic and secondly because the roads are so wide out here, to do a right your crossing 3 lanes. Once she got going she was fine, which was great because we ended up getting pretty lost and Emma had to cross 6 lanes on the Freeway to get off.
Eventually (after an hour and a half!) we managed to find the house. We had a look at the car and then the guy said that the converter was broke and it would cost $500 to fix. We took it for a drive anyway but it was making some dodgy noises. We decided that this car was going to end up costing us too much money so ruled it out.
We made our way back to Kath’s but didn’t get home till around 6.30, driving in rush hour traffic was not too good. After the stress of trying to drive home whilst Joe was calling out directions (thank god Kath had a map book) Emma said that we had to stop at the bottle-o and get a couple of bottles of wine. When we got back we got started on making chicken fajita’s for dinner. Kath said that she hadn’t really had fajita’s before but she loved them. After drinking our wine Kath and Emma started discussing Ernie (Kath’s dad) and Emma’s granddad Bob (Kath’s uncle). We were saying that they seem to have a lot of similar ways.
Joe was on the internet searching for cars and found one that had only been posted 20 minutes earlier. We called the guy up and arranged for a viewing tomorrow. Car sounds great, it’s duel fuel Gas and Petrol which should make it cheaper going across Australia. We were both really looking forward to seeing this one…

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