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Thank god for RAC

Updated 8 years, 8 months ago

Today when we woke we were shocked to see that Kev was home. He decided not to go into work which was lucky for us as we later realised. Joe washed the car and Andy (Kevin’s next door neighbour) helped him put new bulbs in the number plate lights. Then it was time to leave so we said bye to Kevin again and hit the road. We needed some air in out tyres so the first stop was at the nearest petrol garage. Whilst we were pumping the tyres up we noticed fluid leaking out the front of the car. We both were dreading what we’d find when we opened the bonnet. When we did water was pouring out of the water pump and our coolant tank was empty again. We filled it up and drove straight back to Kev’s. Kev was shocked to see us back but we were lucky he was home or we would’ve had to sit outside and wait for the RAC. When the first RAC guy cam he had a look at the engine and said that the water pump was blown. He phoned a tow truck and headed off, whilst we all went back inside to wait. When the truck did arrive he winched our car up on the back, we said goodbye to Kev for the third time, jumped in the truck and started the journey back to Perth. We got the RAC man to drop the car off at the garage we’d been to a couple of days before.
We then headed home and waited for the phone call that would tell us how much more this car was going to cost us. At about 5 we got the call and drove Kath’s car to the garage where we lost another $390 on a new water pump…ouch!
We got back to Kath’s just as she was heading out for the night to go baby-sit Madeline and Tahlia. We decided neither of us was in the mood to make dinner so just had scrambled eggs on toast and continued on watching Underbelly.

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