Emma's first day of work on her own

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Emma’s first day of work on her own

Updated 8 years, 6 months ago

Today was Emma’s first day on her own at work and the boss, Rob was quite demanding, getting her to book lots of flights and hotels at very short notice, other than that she just done loads of filing. When Joe picked her up she wasn’t in a great mood and complained the whole way around the supermarket saying that she didn’t want to spend the only couple of hours of daylight walking around a supermarket. We ended up getting some fish and potato’s to cook on the barbecue. We cut the potato’s up into chips and tried cooking them in foil but overall it was a really rubbish meal which neither of us enjoyed. As we were getting packed up to leave Emma felt a tickle on her head. She went to brush it off and felt a cockroach in her hair! She managed to get it off but it landed on her back so Joe (whilst still having a knife in his hand) brushed it off. Emma was in a hurry to leave that area then as the roaches were everywhere. They look kind of like a normal roach but have grasshopper style legs so they can jump really high. We went over to the sink area to wash up and the roaches were everywhere, we managed to drown quite a few and push them down the plug. After this we didn’t really fancy sitting outside so we went and sat in the car for a while reading and playing on the laptop. Whilst sitting there Emma counted all her mozzie bites and realised she’d now got her 40th, a proud moment aye!

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