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Showers and croydon underpass

Updated 8 years, 5 months ago

Emma has to go off to work again today, she’d noticed that they had a shower in the ladies toilets area and since nobody would arrive until after 8 and she had the key and alarm code she got there for 7 so she could shower and get ready at work. This is because the showers at the camp site are awful. You know that wee smell that you get down in the underpasses in Croydon, they smell like that! And there’s no hot water in the ladies showers either so the nice clean shower at work seemed like the perfect idea. She spent another day filing and on the internet till 4 when Joe came and picked her up. He had picked up the ingredients to make spaghetti bolognaise and we started making this when we got back to camp. After we had eaten Emma went off for a sleep and left Joe reading by torch light as we now don’t have any power to power the light. Later Emma ran Joe to work for an uneventful evening and picked him up at 5 he was looking shattered.

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