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The next two weeks

Updated 8 years, 5 months ago

Today was spent much like yesterday with Emma going to work and Joe and Spencer heading out to catch another fish. Unfortunately today they weren’t so lucky and so for dinner we made pasta with a creamy sauce. Spencer had erected a tarp and made a cover so that we had a proper area to sit under for shade in the day and made it feel more like our own eating area at night. We all sat around chatting for a while until it was time to head off to bed.
For the next two weeks we spent our time at work and we don’t really want to bore you with the repetitiveness. We will just give you the highlighted moments that were worth mentioning. Emma drove a massive fire truck, there was a 3.5m crocodile spotted off cable beach the day before we swam there (we only found this out the next day), we went to watch the staircase to the moon (this was an amazing natural phenomena where the moon reflected off the mud flats and when it started the moon looked like it was on fire. We hope the pictures come out ok and you can all take a look. Joe couldn‘t help thinking of stairway to heaven by led zeppelin), we got give a toilet key for the nice toilets so we didn’t have to use the M.C.G. ones, we had a leaving party for Emma and Greg everyone chipped in some food and we had a massive barbeque and took up the cooking area for about an hour.

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