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Fighting hornets

Updated 8 years, 5 months ago

We both woke up early after an uncomfortable nights sleep in time to watch the sunrise. Emma kept watching the road train that had stayed behind us all night wishing for them to drive off as she desperately needed to go to the toilet. As soon as they had pulled away she jumped out of the car and ordered Joe not to watch (why would I want to watch you poo was his response). We were soon on the road again and arrived in Kununurra just after noon. We found another free camping area just outside of town and pulled in to a shady spot under a tree. We grabbed out the two chairs and sat down to read and relax. Joe was soon up and waving his book around franticly with Emma laughing and watching a red hornet chasing him. He ran backwards away from it trying to get away the turned round towards the car thinking the change of direction would confuse the thing but it came right back for him so he swung his book at it and sent it spiralling off. He ran back to the car and said that he wanted to go and sit inside with the bug killer. But Emma just laughed saying that it was too hot, she soon changed her tune when big bull ants started to crawl up her chair. We sat in the car watching the red hornet buzzing around Joe’s side of the car, he even closed the vents so that it couldn’t come through. It did seem like it was intent to try and get in the car and we had to wind up the windows quickly a couple of times.
A guy wandered over to the car and asked us if we knew where a place called Emma gorge was, we said that we didn’t but that we did have a lonely planet guide. We looked it up and gave him the information with him laughing that he was an Aussie getting directions from two poms. After he had gone we thought that we would also go and check it out, what with it being called Emma gorge and all. It was only a short journey from where we were and we turned off the high way towards the gorge. There was a sign that said that it would be best done in a 4x4 and that you would also require a permit to visit the gorge. As we didn’t have a permit we thought that we would need to leave this for another day and went back (even though another couple in a 4x4 had said that they had spent two weeks on the Gibb river road without a permit). When we got back to the free camp site we decided that we would park somewhere else just in case there was a hornets nest where we had parked previously. We cooked a dinner of pasta and sauce and played some uno until we decided to go to bed, this time with Emma in the back and Joe taking the passengers seat.

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