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shade at the lake

Updated 8 years, 5 months ago

Today we went to the Job Shop to see if thy had any work going. The lady at our reception told us kind of where if was but said it was down an ally. We ended up spending an hour walking round town trying to find it and eventually we did but it wasn’t down an ally at all, it was a couple of doors down from Grunt! When we got there the place was shut but there was one guy there that told us all the systems went down but they would be open again on Monday. After this we went back to the camp and sat about reading for a while but we were both too hot and there was no shade so we went to Lake Kununurra. There was a very big family there having fun playing in the lake (which does have crocodiles in it! We just sat and watched them playing on the rope swing which is out in the lake hanging from an old dead tree. It looked really fun and Emma was itching to have a go but she wasn’t wearing her swimming stuff. After a couple of hours chilling out in the shade we went back to camp and made loads of tuna pasta salad, enough for breakfast and lunch the next day. We also checked in to the camp site for another 4 nights.

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