Croc infested waters

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Croc infested waters

Updated 8 years, 5 months ago

We woke late this morning and sat around at camp reading for a few hours. Again we were getting way too hot and so decided to go back to Lake Kununurra this time wearing our swim stuff. We got some ham and bread on route and had a little picnic by the lake before braving the croc’s and going in for a swim. Emma was straight in, there were plenty of other people out swimming so she wasn’t too scared but it took Joe a bit longer to psyche himself up enough to get in. We swam out to the big tree with the rope hanging from it and Emma had the first go of climbing up the tree and swinging off the rope into the lake. Joe had a go too and we spent the next hour messing about in the lake. We then went and sat in the sun to read and dry off. We stayed here for the whole day watching all the people playing on the rope swing. There was also a family of aboriginal kids that were so brave. One of the boys climbed straight to the top of the tree and somersaulted off. When we got back to camp it was already dark and so we sat down to eat the rest of the pasta that was left from the night before.

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