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Job hunt

Updated 8 years, 5 months ago

When we got up today we went into town and had a look for the recruitment agency that we had been to on Saturday. We signed up here but the people there didn’t seem too hopeful that we would be getting jobs soon, they said there were loads of people looking for work and they even had a waiting list! We went back to the camp site and got our swimming stuff together and went back down to the pool. We stayed here for most of the day reading and jumping in the pool every so often to cool down as it was really hot 33 degrees. When the sun started to set we went back to our camp to put some more clothes on to protect us from the mozzie’s. Both of us felt pretty drained from the heat all day and we couldn’t really be bothered to cook dinner so we just had cereal and then laid in the tent for a while reading before we went to sleep.

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