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Updated 8 years, 5 months ago

As we are planning on leaving Kununurra tomorrow today we had to have a boring washing day. We needed to put two loads in which costs $6, a bit of an annoying costs for us really, especially when one of our loads actually came out dirtier than it went in! Joe went to the office to complain and the maintenance guy came back to have a look at our clothes but basically called us liars saying there was no way it could come out dirtier! There was another lady there and after the guy left she said that somebody could’ve put a really filthy load in before ours. We then had to spend another $3 getting the load done again. Washing days are so boring when you’re travelling because you can’t really go anywhere, if the machines finished and your clean washing is left there somebody will just come and dump it all on a dirty side so you have to stick around waiting. After we did all our washing we went and sat by the pool reading and jumping in for a dip every now and then. At about 4 we went into town to get some food for dinner. We decided to make mash, peas and chorizo sausages. It would’ve been really nice except Joe poured too much milk in the mash and it was so runny! We still ate it though, milk covered sausages…mmmm.

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