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Updated 8 years, 5 months ago

We’d parked the car in a shady spot last night so we didn’t wake up until midday when the sun started coming into the car. We went into the hostel and sat around chatting to a few people we’d made friends with till it was time for Emma to get ready for work. She slipped on her very painful shoes and Joe dropped her down the road to work. Again it was a really busy night only this time when everybody clocked off at 10.30 Emma had to stay until close to do drinks service outside. This just involved getting drinks orders from the tables and taking money, battling back through to the bar, making the drinks and then battling through the crowds again, this time with a tray full of drinks! It was a long old night and she didn’t end up finishing until 2.30am. Joe had gone out for a few drinks with the people he worked with at the fair and so when Emma phoned him at 2.30 but he was still in the pub. He invited Emma to come down but her feet were so painful by now with blisters everywhere, even on the underside of her big toes that she literally hobbled home, crying all the way! Joe arrived back at about 3.30 feeling pretty drunk.

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