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A booking day

Updated 8 years, 1 Month ago

When we woke up this morning we thought that we would go down to the internet café to book the car to the Whitsunday islands and the flight to Sydney from Brisbane. We had a hunt around and found the cheapest deal for the car (about $249) and the flights ($95 each!). When we got back up to the hotel everyone had gone out and we sat out on the balcony thinking about anything else that we needed to do. We then thought that we should book the skydive if we were going to do it and gave them a call, they said that there was free slots on both Wednesday and Thursday. We booked Wednesday, when everyone got back we told them that we had booked the skydive and Rob said that he was already feeling scared for Joe who didn’t look too fazed just yet. We then went down and sat by the side of the pool sunning ourselves for the day.

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