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Updated 2 years, 9 months ago

Theres so many things you can't plan, or you get an opportunity you never thought you would get.  This happened to me recently and it left me with a big decision, ive saved money for a long time, and have done quite good with putting away money.  I recently got the offer/opportunity to buy a house. 

I struggled with the decision for a little bit because i know i want to travel. and that money could take me where i want to go, i also have always seen myself eventually owning my home and with my career i will be settled into the one location. 

For me, with my nursing i had always planned to travel abit in my breaks and maybe take time out to travel before finding the job/hospital i wanted to stay at for a while.  So my problem was do i put my money in to a deposit and mortgage or do i miss this opportunity and keep it in the hopes of travelling.

I decided to put it into the house, i am excited about that, seeing this property, which will become my home its exciting and i cant wait to start decorating it and living in my own little house.  I can only hope that this doesnt stop me seeing the world, i feel like there are alot of things holding me back from travelling right now but i hope i can still go, i wont be moving into this house straight away ill be renting it out, hopefully i can start saving again, i dont plan to let this stop me going, ive always managed to save money, i may not get as many trips as soon as id like but im determind ill still go.

Its exciting to think of becoming a home owner and i know there are many people who would have made a different decision, but i think for me i have made the right one.  And i know im going to work hard to get some monmey saved again to take my trips.

What would you guys do in this situation? ...i bet many of you are saying travel, and i thought i would too, and i will, ill make sure of it, no reason i cant do both, maybe just not right at the same time

L x

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