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Updated 10 years, 10 months ago

I know i said id never do it, but here we go im writing a blog and its probably going to be rubbish! A lot easier than emailing loads of people the same thing though.

its 4am nearly and im sitting in the internet room in my hostel, which is actually really nice, cant sleep though!

The flight was horrid so we slept for about 24 hours when we got here! got up with the intention to do some shopping down khao san road, which is crazy. Theres little tuktuk vans everywhere, which will run you down if you dont move!! theres loads of stalls with nice jewellery and clothes etc.

We ended up going to a bar and got talking to an australian couple who were going home the next day so had ordered a tower of chang, which is like a huge tower of beer they bring to your table and you pump yourself. we ended up ordering one too, much to the delight of the waiter, who had been pointing at the other tower every time he walked past!! we played cards for a few hours then walked the few meters back to our hostel. Went to bed about 7pm, which is probably why im awake now!!

Im going on a 2 day trip to Kanchanaburi tomorrow. Theres a big temple with tame tigers just roaming around that you can stroke which should be good coz im missing pursey!!! The next day im going to a huge waterfall to ride elephants into the water.

Ive just realised Im getting bitten by mozzies!! time to go...

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