Im sat in the office....literally counting down the days til i go away!

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Im sat in the office….literally counting down the days til i go away!

Updated 10 years, 5 months ago

Okay where do i start...never written on one of these before but i guess i should start from the moment i decided to want to travel!

Here it goes....
Im currently 22 and actually work in the travel industry as a film & entertainment travel consultant, basically my job is to book all travel arrangements for any new films, its quite fun but can be stressful at times with their strange last minute demands. Previously i worked for a tour operator which was were i got the travel bug from as i was travelling up to five times a year around Europe with my job.

Ive always been interested in travel but have never had the courage to do the full RTW on my own; So January this year comes and i am newly single along with my best friend & we just wanna get out of the country so decided to plan a RTW trip...woop woop!

After finally deciding a route we are now doing LHR-Beijing-(overland)-Hong Kong - Bangkok - (overland)-Singapore - Bali - Auckland (overland) - Christchurch - Fiji - Sydney (overland) - Cairns - HOME :D

We are departing on the 4th February and are now just starting to look into things like travel insurance, trips, visas and injections etc etc....didnt realise there would be soooo much to think about it! Although me being in travel is helping me to blag a few "travel agents" discounts which is definately helping.

So today im sat in my office counting down the months, weeks, days, hours and seconds till i can go travelling....i cant wait!

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